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Maredith Davis Design is a brand design studio that works side-by-side with equestrians and entrepreneurs to build purposeful and profitable brands.

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Lexington, Kentucky

Horse show season is in full swing for most of us. From schooling shows to FEI events, equestrians are busy scrubbing, spraying, polishing, and double checking their horses, their tack, and themselves to make their best appearance in the arena. And we know that the bustling doesn’t just stop there. Back at the barn, there are stall drapes to hang, tack and feed rooms to organize, and aisleways to b...

Over the years of creating purposeful and profitable websites, I have found a few simple tricks that have become crucial to my personal design process. Whether you are investing your time into creating your own website or investing your money into hiring a professional, I want to help you ensure the success of your investment by sharing my top 5 website homepage tips.

1) A Clear Tagline

When someone...

As an equestrian turned entrepreneur, I am continuously finding parallels between navigating my riding career and my business. About a year ago, I heard performance horsemanship trainer Warwick Schiller’s teaching motto “stick to the damn plan.”

Not only have I found this short piece of advice to bring transformative results when I am in the barn, but also to be the perfect reminder when making busi...

Today I am excited to share with you all a look inside my full brand design process. In my last post, we talked about how strategy informs design and the benefits of having a brand strategy that provides direction to your design choices. Often times in my initial conversations with clients, they tell me things like, “I know what I want it to look like, but I’m not sure how to get there” or “I just...

It is a common stereotype that when a company works with a graphic designer to create a website or marketing material for their business, it is the sole purpose of the designer to “make it look pretty.” While the aesthetic of your content is important, it should not be your only end goal. This is where having a brand strategy becomes crucial to the success of the content that you are creating.

By h...

Owning your own business can sometimes feel overwhelming. You created your business to spend more time doing what you enjoy, not trying to master everything else to keeping it running smoothly. The thought of branding your company may sound like a daunting task on your never ending to do list, but I'm here debunk that myth. At it's core, branding is all about a story, more specifically yours....

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I support my dreams (and horse) as a brand designer for equestrian lifestyle businesses.

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Build a brand that shares your passion and tells your story with our FREE workbook!

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