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Maredith Davis Design is a brand design studio that works side-by-side with equestrians and entrepreneurs to build purposeful and profitable brands.

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Today I am excited to share with you all a look inside my full brand design process. In my last post, we talked about how strategy informs design and the benefits of having a brand strategy that provides direction to your design choices. Often times in my initial conversations with clients, they tell me things like, “I know what I want it to look like, but I’m not sure how to get there” or “I just don’t have the time to devote to trying to do this on my own.” These frustrations are common and exactly why I have developed a design process that is centered around learning your story to create a brand that is purposeful and profitable and allows you to focus on spending more time doing  what you enjoy.




1. Exploration and Development

At the beginning of your project, we will spend about an hour talking through your business. During this discussion, we will talk through the following topics:

Your beginning

Your products and services

Your industry

Your current customers and your ideal customers

Your messaging

Your design preferences 


Building a profitable and purposeful brand is an investment into your company's future and will serve as an effective marketing tool for your business for years to come. That is why this initial exploration phase is crucial to the success of your brand because we will use your answers to help guide us through the rest of the project and make our design decisions based upon the answers you provide.


At the end of this phase, I will send you login access for your project portal. This is where we will keep all of our drafts, revision requests, and files. You can logon at any time to view our progress, access your contract and payment information, and leave feedback on your designs.


2. Mood board

Based on our initial discussion and my further research, I will design a mood board that will serve as the visual inspiration for the rest of your project. This is my way of confirming that we are on the same page regarding your design style and goals.


During this phase, it may be tempting to just say “I want to look like (insert another business)”. While there is nothing wrong with appreciating someone else’s style, it is important to remember that they are doing what best aligns with their story and connects with their clients. Our goal is to create a style that is uniquely yours and celebrates you.




3. Logo Design

My logo design process begins with sketching out concepts in black and white that are based on your answers to our initial conversation and the inspiration that was gathered from our moodboard board. From the sketches, I will choose the three strongest concepts to present and share with you.


I will upload your three logo concepts to your project portal for you to review and choose a concept to further develop. Once we have a chosen concept, we can begin to experiment with font, layout, and color options. These options are will also be uploaded to your project portal and will receive two further rounds of revisions and edits to ensure that it is truly the best version we can create.


Once your primary logo is finalized, I will design your secondary logo and icon. These designs will also be uploaded to your project portal and allowed two rounds of revisions.


Once our logos are complete, I will save them all as .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .eps files in black, white, single colored, and multi colored based on your color palette. I also will provide you with a guide to help you determine what file type is best to use in different situations. These will be uploaded along with a style guide for you to use for future reference to your project portal.




4. Messaging Strategy

Our next step will be to develop a messaging strategy for your website and marketing material. This will be centered around using words and phrases that are familiar to your ideal clients and will help develop a sense of trust with your brand.


During this phase, it will be important to think about your future goals for your business, how you want to be perceived by others, and what type of language is associated with those things.


5. Website Design

Once we have a gameplan for your messaging strategy, I will begin to lay out your website pages and write the content for your website. During this phase, I will be editing images that you provide and integrating them into a layout that is based around the goals of your website and the preferences of your ideal customers.


Once the desktop version of your website is drafted, I will send you a link to review the entire site and provide feedback. We will repeat this process 2 more times before I begin designing your mobile responsive version.


Once both the desktop and mobile versions are complete, I will record a video tutorial on how to navigate and edit your new site on your own. If jumping in on your own after the project is complete is still a little nerve racking, I offer 1 year of free website support for all of my clients. This service includes changing text, photos, and adding elements to existing web pages.


6. Marketing Material

The final step in the brand design process is to design your marketing material. My current package offers 3 ready-to-print marketing material design files for you to promote your new brand. These can include pieces such as business cards, brochures, flyers, social media images, and more. These pieces will help your customers begin to recognize you by your new brand and build trust by having a cohesive design style across your entire marketing platform.


I will upload each of your designs to your project portal and revise each piece once. After the designs are complete, I will upload the final files to your project portal for you to download and print.




7. Celebrate

Hands down, the final step is my favorite! Together, we will have created a strategic brand that uniquely shares your passion and tells your story. Time to go show the world how incredible you are!


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Build a brand that shares your passion and tells your story with our FREE workbook!

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With boundless enthusiasm and a skill set to match, Maredith Davis Design is a brand design studio that works side-by-side with equestrian-inspired businesses to turn their mission into a visual reality. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Maredith works with clients worldwide to develop and design brand strategies that include custom logo design, website design, and stationery. 

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